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the fox from
little warrior

little warrior from
little warrior

Wait and See
Invisible River

Arco Iris Arledadore de la Luna from Anonymous Monk Spring Calendar and Compilation 02009-10

December from Anonymous Monk Spring Calendar and Compilation 02009-10

Electric Sky
from for cedar

Walk Home
from for cedar

Lost + Finding

from "dreams" EP

Ocean, Reed Organ

from instruments

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Various Artists
Spring Calendar & Compilation 02009-10

We asked twelve of our friends to write a song for each month of the year, and this is the result: an original song for each month of the year packaged with a poster-sized March-March calendar and a lovely white-on-black screenprint, designed by our friend Eric Sarai.

from the inside :

"Last spring there was a small group of us that were having what we called "songshares." We'd pick a day & on that day everyone had to write a song and share it to the group at night. The idea was partly inspired by Paleo's song diary, & also by Ashley and Eli (from LAKE), who did something similar last year & made an amazing cassette tape out of it. I believe our friends at Brown Interiour Music are putting it out. It was really interesting to have an assignment, & to be kind of forced to be creative. At these songshares I always ended up making music that was really different than the music that I would make if I were feeling more emotionally compelled to write a song. So this project, to me anyways, is an extension of those ideas."

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You can find the calendar at these fine establishments:

OLYMPIA : Phantom City, Rainy Day, Last Word Books, Orca Books
SEATTLE : East Street, Sonic Boom, Wall of Sound, Silver Platters
PORTLAND : Jackpot, Green Noise, Music Millenium
CALIFORNIA : Amoeba (all 3 locations)

please contact us at info at anonymousmonk dot com for information about wholesale pricing.


1. Viking Moses - March
2. Ben Kamen - April
3. Spenking - Mayday
4. Golden Ghost - June
5. Ashley Eriksson - Juli
6. Karl Blau - Arco Iris Arledadore de la Luna
7. Paleo - Month #9 (Shining the Moon)
8. Ruth Allison - Apples Pies & Apple Juice
9. Eleanor Murray - November
10. Twig Palace - December
11. Karrie Hopper - New Days
12. Eli Moore - February

No Longer Available!